Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some Pics

Here are some pics!

Flowers in backyard



The Dog



First Post

So yeah after much debate and people complaining *cough* Trista* I will attempt this blog business. So yeah the first experience of Australia, I arrive tired and disoriented and go through customs, where the man Interviewing me wonders "why this American has an Australian Passport and has no idea what his address is in Australia", I'm sure I was watched till I got out of the airport. So I collected my things and get searched and then questioned about ranch dressing packets. I move on to exchanging my cash, I approach a little Indian man and ask him to exchange my boring American money for Exciting, Colourful, and Plastic Aussie money. (Aussie money sitting on 1984)
Which is ten million times better than the American crap that falls apart, plus you can get Aussie money wet and it wont ruin it. The only problem with it are the coins they are heavy and eventually you forget that you have six 2 dollar coins and three 1 dollar coins in your pocket plus all the other little pieces of shrapnel jingling away (people can hear you from a mile away). Well anyways I find Toss (who I'm living with) we get in the car and drive home. That's about all for that day, I have applied to around 12 places and had 1 interview at the Cinemas and was told I'm not good enough to work there after I was asked 4 questions: What is you favourite film? What is the biggest risk you have taken in the past month? What would you do with 10,000 dollars? What was your best experience with customer service? I answered those with completely reasonable answers. So with no luck so far with finding work I am heading down to Sydney on the 18th of this month. It's also a bit of a shock coming from doing stuff every night and up late to not doing anything....It sucks though I have been out a couple of times with Sean who is Toss's oldest son who is in Yves Klein Blue a popular band here in Australia, Went to a concert for Bluejuice check them out (James Ashe you will love these guys the freakin nutz) there really good and really cool talked to the lead singer for a bit and got a free beer out of him :D which makes him good in my book. Then went out to eat with some of Sean's friends it was cool got in a great debate on tips for waiters. So yeah thats about all thats happened so far so if anyone has questions on what something is like here don't hesitate to ask.